What You May Not Know About Pregnancy

B&KPregnancy is supposed to be the most beautiful time for a woman. We are told to be happy and blessed that we are carrying and nurturing a little life within us, granted, I would say most women realize the blessing and the joy, however pregnancy comes with a lot of hardship both mentally and physically. I tell people all the time that they will never understand what a woman goes through during the 9-months of pregnancy and after the pregnancy until they go through it themselves. Deciding to write this type of article was a no-brainer for me because well I went through a pregnancy myself. Personally, it took me a long time during my pregnancy to see the beauty in my changing body. Prior to my pregnancy I had lost 45 pounds through working out and eating a balanced diet, of course through my pregnancy the weight came back as well as some lovely stretch marks and loose skin on my tummy. Oh joy! It was extremely hard for me to deal with the changes on top of the pressure to have an instant “snap back” after pregnancy. Realistically, I am a full-time employee as well as a full-time mommy. I go to work, come home, cook dinner, maybe some cleaning and before I know it, time for bed and the day begins again. Finding time to work-out is not easy right after having a baby because a child under 1 needs a lot of attention and focus. I had to come to grips with this fact. I had shed many of tears at my reflection because I did not like what I had become after working so hard just several months prior. It took a break down in front of my boyfriend for me to realize, it’s not that bad. I will likely never forget what he said to me that day, and I will keep that in my heart because it made me realize it was so much bigger than weight gain, it was me giving his beautiful little girl life. Pregnancy goes beyond the physical as well. Many women suffer mental break downs and emotions being all over the place due to hormones. One minute she could be furious, than happy, then sobbing. Nothing against those around us, but during pregnancy you virtually lose all control of your body. The body becomes a carrier and a vessel for a life. Everything from what you consume to how you feel directly affects the life inside you. I just need people to imagine that for a moment. One of the biggest things that plague new mothers is postpartum depression. Many women suffer in silence out of fear of being judged or being told that you just can’t handle being a mother. No new mom wants to hear that they can’t handle the task of being a mom. I suffered from postpartum the first two months of my little one’s life. I cried almost every day. I felt like I should have never had a baby and that I was failing her. I was angry at her father and I felt deeply alone. I did not want to tell anyone but friends close to me knew something was going on. I was not the person they all knew. I decided to be honest with my doctor and tell him what was going on and for several weeks I poured my feelings out to a case worker. Thankfully I overcame the depression with a lot of support from friends and family but that is not the story for every woman. Some women need medication to treat the imbalance, some women never seek adequate help and sadly end up harming themselves and even the baby. If you know anyone who is soon to be a mother or a new mother, talk to them, support them and listen to them. Sometimes being on the outside, we can pick up on signs that something may not be right. After going through my pregnancy, I’m a huge supporter of new moms and soon to be moms. I’m always giving advice and reminding them of the beauty of their situation. I know that regardless of what we say it’s hard to change the mind of a new mom who is just having a hard time but just knowing she has support is a big step. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman will experience however it can be one of the hardest. Remain strong new mommies and mommies to be, we understand.

Written By :Bianca Vasquez

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