Wednesday Con Wilma: Mask Off

IMG_3443Anyone who knows the makeup enthusiast in me knows I’m also big on having a clean and fresh face! And for that I have chosen to do two product related reviews. One was inspired by the fact that my tool broke so it was time for a replacement and the other out of curiosity for the brand. My normal cleansing routine requires a bristle brush that I was using from Origins, However it broke (RIP lil homie you were the realest) so I went on the hunt for something that would be both affordable and durable. I came across e.l.f. I purchased the Cleansing Duo Face Brush & the Pore refining Brush and Mask Tool. e.l.f  has been stepping its game up in the overall look of their products and skincare line. The brushes are very sturdy especially for their low price points. (Spent a total of $19 on both brushes) I used the Cleansing brush first; I placed my Biore Baking Soda Cleanser on it, and began in circular motions on my face. And, mis amores I was disappointed. The bristles are way too soft; I feel like the product gets lost in the brush and did not feel a complete clean look, compared to how my previous brush would do the job. I do like the Duo side of the brush as I used it as an exfoliator. However, I wouldn’t purchase this brush again or for a friend. Next up I used the Pore Refining Brush to apply my Mask (More on the mask review later.) The Spatula on the end made it very easy to get product on the brush and spread all over my face. I love this brush! Many times when I apply a mask I feel like most of it stays on my hands than on my face due to its stickiness. The other end of the brush are small soft bristle and I wouldn’t recommend it for all over moisturizer application , but I love it to apply as under eye treatment. It’s perfect enough to go all over that specific area of the face. The next product review is Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask. This company has an array of masks but I chose this one because of its key ingredient, Charcoal. (See previous post on Biore’s Charcoal ingredient review). I have been wearing makeup non-stop and needed something that was going to extract the most dirt out of my pores as possible.
This mask did not disappoint with this sugar ingredient it exfoliated my skin and polished it smooth. I left the mask on for the standard 5-7 minutes and with my hands in circular motions exfoliated my skin with cool water to close up my pores. I finished my routine with my L’oreal Hydra Genius Moisturizer!
So I loved 2 out of 3 products I used and I want you to have them too! You can win the Pore refining Brush and mask Tool and a Full Size Freeman Mask!
Song while my skincare routine was in process: Voices in My Head/ Stick to the Plan- Big Sean
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