Nothing Going On But The Rent

RentWho Should Pay the Rent: A Look at the Biggest Debate in Black Twitter History If you are black and have downloaded the Twitter app, then you definitely know and likely a part of Black Twitter. I personally love being in the realm of Black Twitter. The jokes, the memes, and the programs we all gather around our phones together to watch; it’s magical. However another staple in Black Twitter is debating many issues, especially issue involving gender roles. Everything from $200 dates to child support are debated throughout the year via Black Twitter, but one of the most interesting debates is the good old “Who pays the rent and utilities” debate. Gender roles play a huge role in this debate. Some people believe the man should pay all of the bills on his own, even though the woman is also going out to work every day. Some people feel all of the bills should be split down the middle, 50/50 on everything from rent to food. Others feel paying bills should go by who makes the most money. Whoever makes more should handle all of the major bills. Clearly this is a debate that will go on until the end of time. Still, it will not stop everyone from thinking their point is the correct way to go. Traditionally, many of us witnessed our grandparents do things in a more traditional format. Grand pop handled all the bills and made sure food was available. Meanwhile Grand mom took care of the children and the household. Now I saw “Fences” which the family dynamics in that film were extremely traditional and to be honest, I do not feel I would want to live life that way. Many women believe that allowing a man to pay for everything gives him a certain form of “power” in the household and thus her life. I agree, if he is bringing in the money, well he has the final say in how said money is spent. I like the fact that I contribute to my household because I also have a say in how things go. I earn that right by helping to provide. If I decided tomorrow to quit my job and stay home, well certain financial things would technically no longer be my business. You can’t not bring home the bacon and dictate on how crispy it is to be cooked. Yea I love my bacon crispy, so I’m going to bring a slab in myself. Excuse the bacon analogy, but I love bacon, and many of you likely do as well. Essentially what I’m getting at is a two party contribution makes for a two party household. This does not mean I agree that every bill should be split 50/50. Believe it or not, that will not help you save or get too many things accomplished. I feel one person can take on certain bills and the other person take on the rest. Everyone is contributing to the one household. The bottom line is, every household must do what is best for that household. Black Twitter, your friends, even your grandparents cannot be the deciding factors in how you run your ship. Only you and your partner can make sound decisions for yourselves. Believe me, I enjoy a great Black Twitter debate, however I will not make the opinions of others my guidelines for life. So I guess I need to pose this final question, who’s paying the rent next month?


Written by : Bianca Vasquez


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