Nicki Minaj: Controversial Much?

One of the biggest artist making airwaves in 2014 is Nicki Minaj. With her reformed look and lethal lyrical tracks, Nick is holding onto her crown as reigning Queen of Hip Hop. Even though her last album had a pop music sound, she is returning to the sound that first captivated our ears. Nicki’s growth as an artist is hard to deny despite any negative press she may receive. Although core fans felt she lost touch with her roots and possibly tarnished her craft, in 2014 Nicki Minaj is trying to prove she is still a force to be reckoned with. With songs like “Looking A$$ Ni$$A” and her verses on “Danny Glover” ,”No Flex Zone (remix),” Nicki is showing us and other emcees that she is here to stay. Nicki has never been a stranger to controversy, but for for her latest single ” Anaconda” proves to be too much for many. The picture displays Nicki squatting in a hot pink g-string bikini set. As we all know Nicki has a very large asset that is on full display in the photograph. Although this has been done before by original Queen Bee Lil’Kim many fans an others feel Nicki no longer needs to promote her music in a such a risque way. No one can deny the fact that sex sells and Nicki is surely rolling in the dough,apparently wearing nothing but a pink g-string while doing so. Its undeniable that this will Become Nicki’s year to reinvent herself and become a mega star twice over. Her new look mixed with her street chic lyrics will keep Miss Minaj on our playlist for years to come.

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