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HairHey Natural Hair Gems I have been natural for a good 4 years now and the biggest questions I get from people are, 1) how do you do that to your hair and 2) what products do you live by. I’ve always love being asked about my hair and what exactly do I do to achieve my styles. While telling women things I personally use, I like to also give words of encouragement. Any woman who is TRULY going through the process of becoming natural or is natural knows this is such a difficult journey. Many Black women are told from young ages that our natural hair is ugly and to achieve “beautiful” hair you must chemically straighten your coils. Many of us I’m sure have horror stories of relaxers gone wrong, from burned scalps to major hair loss and thinning. But even with all that  many women are going natural. We are throwing away jars of relaxer and grabbing jars of essential oils. I write this with pride and a sincere desire to help my fellow naturalistas and transitioning naturalistas. I’ve learned that health is much more important than length retention. Keep your ends trimmed! I hear people saying there is not a need to keep the ends clipped however that is false. If you are a natural that occasional gets blow outs or any form of heat applied to your curls as well as coloring your tresses, it is important to trim any dead ends that may result from these processes. In general you just always want to clip dead weight from your hair because it could potentially make matters worse for your mane. Moisture, moisture and more moisture! Water is a natural’s absolute best friend. Once the water is applied to your curls, you must add a moisturizer and then seal the moisture. A product I love is Cantu daily moisturizing cream. I always apply that first on my hair and after that is when I will apply oil to seal in moisture. Oil is not a moisturizer, it is classified as a sealant. I like to use Shea butter in the winter to seal and coconut oil in the summer to seal. Protective styles are also great during harsh seasons. Braids and twist are great for harsh winter months and very humid summer days. Play with different styles and make sure you still tend to your scalp because a healthy scalp produces healthy hair. Products seem to be one of the biggest things a natural and even a new natural have to deal with. Although I have my go to products, everyone is different and certain products may work for one natural and not another. I say try the less expensive brands first. Just because a certain curling cream is priced at $20 does not mean it will be the Holy Grail for your mane. I love Cantu products and it is very inexpensive. I remember trying a certain brand from ULTA and it completely dried my hair out. The shampoo cost me $18. I was not pleased at all to be out of almost $20 for a product that did not work for me. I always tell women to research hair products and read as many reviews as possible before you buy. Try to figure out things about your own hair. The process of being natural is actually learning about your own hair. You learn what your hair needs to prosper and be at its most healthy state. Joy truly comes to my heart when I see other naturals. We are truly a magical society of our own. Hair that defies gravity and that is also larger than life, and let’s not talk about the looks we get from those that we can’t obtain our magic. Continue to prosper queens in your own journey and keep checking out Cultur3 Chic for more tips and articles on natural hair.


Written By: Bianca Vasquez

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