Minority Independence

BFor the absolute longest time, and when I say longest I mean circa 8 years, I’ve seen people throwing shade at one another for still living at home beyond the age of 19. A stigma has been placed on individuals who make the decision to stay home well into their twenties instead of rushing to move out and have the responsibilities of being out on their own. Times significantly have changed with our economy and even with our parents outlook on when we should be out on our own. While some people end up having to grow up fast due to having children very young or having parents who just believe you should be on your own by 18, not everyone’s situation is similar. Judgment truly should not be passed on those who are blessed enough to stay home.

Yes I consider being able to stay home and go to college or save money to pay down debt is a blessing. Understand that being out on your own does not make you more responsible nor more financially sound than someone who is still at home. It could potentially pile more debt on to you before you even have time to pay on what you may already owe. Many people already by the age of 22 have credit cards and student loan debt. I see memes daily about people who live at home ; for instance one claims that people who live at home can of course afford nice clothes and have extra money because they have no “real” responsibilities. Extremely false narrative.

People who live at home most likely give their parents some compensation for being home, as well as purchase their own food, drive their own car and also are paying down collected debt. So what exactly is the problem here? One of the young men who commented on my Facebook status about this topic hit it on the head, minorities are often in the invisible competition with one another. This feeling of needing to have what the next person has or more has been put into many of our heads. For years our Caucasian and Asian counterparts work typically as a family unit. They start a business, hire family to work said business and keep the earnings within the family. Many of them stay home until they have paid down debt and can afford to live comfortably on their own. For whatever reason our culture sees being out of the house by 18 an achievement, granted, it is an achievement if you are financially sound with a great paying job or career, but how many 19 year olds’ do you know have this already going for themselves?

No matter how we as individuals decide to establish our independence, hopefully it is established once we are fully ready for the responsibility. If you are blessed enough to have parents that encourage you to save and stay with them while doing it, then do it! No need to worry about what the next person is doing. Establishment of self first is most important…..


Written By Bianca Vasquez

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