Is there truly a one woman man?

BinkOver the course of the last few months, we have witnessed the demise of VH1’s first family T.I. and Tiny due to alleged infidelity in the marriage. As of Monday we also found out another favorite couple Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Anthony are separated due to rumors of a ‘side-baby” Carmelo produced with a stripper. Not to mention the countless break-ups of non-famous couples due to infidelity, I bring about the question, is there any truth to the “One women man?” I’m sure many of us have been lied to, betrayed or even cheated on at some point in life. I see woman constantly stating that all men cheat, however some men are just more careful about it than others.

So what do I think, well as with many things I think there are definitive levels to this thing called infidelity? Yes we have flirting and conversing with someone other than your significant other but we also have outright cheating with people having babies outside of their relationship. I ask how far is too far? What are we willing to forgive and forget? Personally, I see it is impossible to forgive a significant other for impregnating , or being impregnated by someone you had an affair with. No way in the world, absolute danger zone, definitive I might just whoop your ass, but I digress. There are so many forms of violation and disloyalty and it really boils down to each individual. While some people could never forgive a “side-baby” situation, others would be willing to work through the situation and accept the child. Some people feel emotional cheating is just as bad as physically cheating and could potentially end a relationship, whereas others could forgive it.

Men are not the only ones who cheat. Let’s be clear here, women also cheat especially emotionally. I think women are the biggest offenders of emotional cheating because well we like to talk and feel like we are being listened to. That “work husband” is listening to all the chat the real husband may be bored by. I know women who in the past have confided in another man with the drama that goes on in their relationship and actually find comfort in this confidant. Now I feel men are the biggest offenders of physical cheating. Men think differently than women and for them it is as simple as a big butt and a smile. Which is why I do believe men when they say they can love one woman and just sleep with another. Men and women are not wired the same at all. As women, we not be able to imagine just sleeping with a man and saying we love another but it is a typical conundrum for men. So I know what you’re thinking, no one is good to date so I’m just going to be single forever. Nothing wrong with that thought process, however I do believe there are good men and women in the world who would never sacrifice something great for something temporary. Find someone like that and truly prosper. There is good in this world and we often are so quick to write everyone off because of past heartaches and heartbreaks and I completely understand that, however I am an advocate for true love and happiness. I wholeheartedly believe beyond the ‘Carmelo’s” and “Larsa’s” of the world, there are good people who are willing to be one woman and one man type of people.

Written By : Bianca Vasquez

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