FALL in FULL effect!


FALL in FULL effect!

Fall trends to be on the look-out for this upcoming season
By: According2Meerah

THE END…summer is officially over and although it’s bitter sweet there’s no need to get your pretty little panties in a bunch. As always I’m  super excited and pumped about FALL. The world gets consumed with any and everything PUMPKIN flavored and the temperature is just right for you to bring out your favorite infinity scarf that goes with EVERYTHING!!! I don’t know about you but that’s all it takes to get me pumped. With that being said it is imperative that I bring you the tea on what’s HOT for this upcoming fall season. I’ve done my research and I’ve decided to bring to you the 5 most anticipated styles for fall 2015:
Geometric shapes
Designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior, Balmain and Versace just to name few are all excited about what they referring to as “Maximum Impact” looks. Whether it’s bright and bold or soft and warm this trend is sure to be a mathematical win.
Latin Flare
Ruffles, velvet textures, fringe and tassels are back again for this season but with a dark Latin Twist. I’m loving this look for sure!
Victorian Romance
For what is known as the Romantic era this season you can expect to get a taste of Victorian poise and elegance. Expect to see puffy sleeves, high, necks, Lace and lots of Chiffon.
Back to MOD
The swinging 60’s are back. Raised hemlines and twiggy inspired box dresses give us modern day nostalgia.

Mix and match aristocrat
No limits. No boundaries. Mix and match do it all wear it all is what has major designers like Marc Jacobs and Mui Mui on board with this trend. FINALLY a solution for the girl who can’t really decide what to wear. Who knew that it would ever be a point when we ignored that famous Chanel golden rule! Pile it on rock it fiercely!!!
There you have it! My top 5 most anticipated styles for this fall season. For Fall inspiration looks and tips remember to visit and follow my Instagram page (@according2meerah) or email according2meerah@gmail.com. Get excited, experiment, venture outside of your comfort zone and remember it doesn’t matter how you dress as long as you DRESS IT WELL!!


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