Designer on the Rise October: Midget Giraffe


All over the world there are amazing and talented designers waiting for their designs to be seen and worn by stylish people everywhere and the Jersey design couple using eye catching prints and unisex pieces are making moves check out what they had to say……..
CultureChic3: Introduce yourself to our readers

Midget Giraffe: Greetings fashion and style gurus! Our names are Corey Harris and Linda Omeni. We  both live in Northern New Jersey, Linda by way of Nigeria and Corey was born and raised within the state.

CultureChic3: What inspired you to create a clothing line ? Did or do you feel that the clothes in stores today are not what you want to wear on a daily basis ?

MidgetGiraffe: We’ve both always really enjoyed fashion, style and all of the visual aesthetics they encompass. Fashion inspires us to live freely and allows us to tap into  the rebellious sides of our personalities by breaking the rules and pushing the envelope of what’s considered cool. Furthermore, it became increasingly difficult for us to find clothing that we really like when going to events or to show our unorthodox style.
CultureChic3: How did the concepts/ideals for Midget Giraffe come to be ?

MidgetGiraffe: Midgetgiraffe conceptually came to be after we pondered what our contribution to the world of fashion would be. With Linda being from Nigeria and me from the USA, we were inspired by meshing prints and patterns from the East with tailored styles from the West. Conceptually this idea of the blending of opposites is a bit of an oxymoron. The name Midgetgiraffe embodies the blending of opposites and the name is a bit quirky too. It makes people want to know more!

CultureChic3: Being partners of the opposite sex do you find it benefits you in creating your design aesthetic or hinder you because as males and females we tend to see things in different perspectives ?

MidgetGiraffe: Being of opposite sex helps to broaden our creativity! We are able to  view fashion on a spectrum far broader than the limitations that would arise if we created clothing independently. In fact, no one knows whats looks best on a woman better than a man! The same is true for women who design and create for men. Of course there’s a bit of bias in saying that but, our best work is between the creativity of the two of us collaboratively.

CultureChic3: You recently launched Midget Giraffe September 2014 and are building a strong following, who are you trying to reach as far the overall customer is concerned?

MidgetGiraffe: We’re clothing a unique demographic. We’re clothing consumers who aren’t afraid to express themselves, embrace culture, and consumers who will not shy away from mixing great pieces instead of one to one matching.
CultureChic3: Following your launch you participated in our Fashion Forward showcase what is your signature piece you would like to see your customers wearing ?

MidgetGiraffe: Hmmmm… We don’t have a signature piece. We enjoy seeing consumers rock everything we create.
CultureChic3: The use of distinct bright eye popping prints would look amazing on any runway , I personally see Midget Giraffe being a global brand , what do you envision and what heights are you trying to reach with Midget Giraffe?

MidgetGiraffe: That’s awesome that your vision is reflective of the vision we have as well! Becoming a global brand is our aim. We aspire for Midgetgiraffe to expand to the edges of the earth (even though the Earth is round) lol. MG will have a strong presence in all of the global fashion capitals. We’d also like to link the success and recognition MIDGETgiraffe receives to various philanthropy projects that we plan to create.
CultureChic3: Let our readers know what they can expect from Midget Giraffe down the line and how they can purchase your amazing pieces……

MidgetGiraffe: We’re working on some REALLY exciting designs and concepts for Midgetgiraffe! There’s a project we’re currently working on that’s really creative and totally out-of-the-box. Unfortunately we can’t give away too much just yet! But continue to follow the brand and you’ll hear about it very soon. To purchase and learn more about Midgetgiraffe go to Also, follow us on instagram @midget_giraffe


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