Designer on the Rise February: Boshok clothing

Boshkok Clothing
Boshok Clothng
There’s nothing like hidden gems when it comes to fashion like the one shirt you buy and everyone loves it the first time you wear it; this months designer on the rise is providing their own hidden gems with a positive message check out their story below………
CultureChic3: Let our readers know who you are ( name .where your from etc)
BoshokClothing: My name is Victor Umeh and I am the Owner of the culturally-inspired street wear Brand “Boshok Clothing”.
CultureChic3: What is the inspiration and force behind Boshok Clothing , how did you come to be?
BoshokClothing: Boshok was conceived a little over 4 years ago when I was looking for dope apparel to rep my culture.  When I didn’t see any I decided to create my own and found out there were a lot more like-minded individuals than I originally thought.  From there, Boshok was born!
CultureChic3: Boshok – Blood of Slaves Hearts of Kings how did this acronym come to be?
BoshokClothing: The “Blood Of Slaves Hearts Of Kings” line was something Nas said on the intro to his album Stillmatic where he said “I still run with that Blood of a Slave, Heart of a King boiling in my veins…” Ever since I heard that line from Nas that saying always stuck with me so when I was thinking about names for a cultural street wear line that embodied what I wanted the brand to represent.  The fact that you can start in destitute but remain confident and optimistic and become something.  That says a lot about someone’s character that’s able to turn around a situation like that.  And that’s what we wanted to represent as a Brand so the name was perfect.
CultureChic3: Your designs such as your Dreams/Nightmares Tee and your Stereotypes Tee portray positive images uplifting so to speak, is this direction you want to continue to have your brand go.
BoshokClothing: We will always have the inspirational/uplifting designs because that’s who we are as a Brand.  We drop other pieces to stay relevant with the times and we also have to service the people who may not readily identify first hand with the message of the Brand and that’s cool too.  But we will never get away from the inspirational/uplifting designs be that’s our identity as a Brand.  What sets us a part.  We give you the opportunity to rep and be proud of your history and who you are and where you are from fashionably.
CultureChic3: By providing a product with a message do you feel it warrants more of a conscious shopper?
BoshokClothing: Ya very much so.  If you pay attention to street wear you see there are brands that pop-up everyday.  Most of them follow trend or try to stand behind Brands that are well established.  But the problem when you do that is people will always reach for the established Brands that already have the following instead of a new brand going the same route.  With Boshok we have our own lane so with Trendy Shoppers the brand might not resonate at first look and that’s fine but we stick to who we are.  Sooner or later even those shoppers realize the appeal of a Brand like ours that’s unique.
CultureChic3: Your brand has been growing since 2011 , how do you plan to continue to grow in the years to come?
BoshokClothing: We have definitely been grinding hard since our first drop in 2011 so we have a lot of things in-store for the future.  I think one of the main things we are focusing on is really tapping into our core following and providing them an experience anytime they interact with us or make a purchase from our Brand so we are doing a lot to step-up the experience at our company hosted events.  In addition to that, we plan to bring back our YouTube “Building an Empire” webisodes and really spend time growing that.   Honestly you never know where you will see Boshok!
CultureChic3: Social media plays such a roll in branding and building a following and you have few thousand followers on Instagram do you feel social media has played a roll in the success and recognition of your brand?
BoshokClothing: Of course I think social media provides you with the opportunity to expose people to your Brand instantaneously that may not have been exposed to it otherwise.  Not to mention you can do more with social media in 10 minutes than you can do with a hour face to face but with a brand like ours it hasn’t been easy to get people to really understand what we represent as a Brand through social media.  So that’s still something we are playing with but good social media numbers are never a bad thing for a business.
CultureChic3: Many up and coming designers have been participating in  pop shop events giving their lines exposure; you have participated in some as well, what is your favorite thing about doing events like this whether its the response you receive from the attendees or the networking you get to do with other designers?
BoshokClothing: Personally I like hearing the stories about how people found out about us and seeing the recurring faces.  We have some people that have never missed a Pop-Up Shop in there city and that says something about your Brand.  It’s hard to get people to support positive things these days so when I see continuous Supporters it’s really encouraging.
CultureChic3: Year five for Boshok will be here before you know it what can you loyal clients and clients to come expect in year five and beyond?
BoshokClothing: I would say one of the biggest things is product development.  As we are expanding we want to provide more for our followers as people grow and so does there fashion needs.  We started Boshok with $300 so it’s taken awhile for us to progress to this point of doing full seasonal releases but it’s a process and we are making strides in the right direction.  So don’t be surprised what you see from us.
CultureChic3: We thank you for giving insight on Boshok clothing tell our readers how they can purchase clothing, attend upcoming events and how they can find you on social media……
BoshokClothing: The easiest way to purchase is from our online website at:  We will be rolling out our Spring Pop-Up Shop schedule soon where people will be able to make purchases from our upcoming collection in March so make sure you are following us on Instagram: @BoshokClothing and paying attention to the “Boshok Clothing Co.” Facebook page for all the details.  And if you like what you see do us a favor and tell a friend.  Word of mouth still goes a long way!

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