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Sty image imageFinding your personal style
By: According2Meerah

What is style? It is culture, its personality, its your mood, its history, it’s religion it’s all these things but most importantly IT’S YOURS. Finding your personal style is not easy and it is something that not everyone masters. Finding your personal style requires letting go, forgetting about others opinions and criticisms and figuring out what works for you. So you ask yourself what are some of the factors that prevent people from finding their personal style. The answer to that is simple FEAR, CONFIDENCE, and PEOPLE.

1. FEAR:
-Fear of not wanting to make a fool of yourself
-Fear of what others might think
-Fear of not getting it right

-Not feeling comfortable within yourself
-Wearing the wrong garments
-Understanding your body type: Apple, pear, round, rectangle

-Worrying about how others may view you
-HATERS (yes haters!)

These 3 factors can’t be changed overnight but everyday is a step in the right direction. Take a minute and ask yourself: What celebrity best describes your style ? After that think about what genre of music best describes your style? Last, if you had a time machine what era would you travel back to? Create a personal style vision board highlighting all these things feel free to throw in other things that influence you in your life. Let this be your guide! Understanding and accepting your body is very important in this process. The more you understand yourself the easier the journey will be and who knows you may even discover a thing or two!

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