According2Meerah: 50 Shades of Color

50 Shades of Color“You’re a pretty dark-skinned girl”
“Your pretty for a dark-skinned girl”
“If your dark-skinned that color won’t look good on you”
“I can’t wear this because I’m dark-skinned”

STOP! Ignore all these stigmas that are holding you back. Black is beautiful no matter what shade or flavor it comes in. So many times I have heard dark skin women feed into these negative connotations that it inspired me to write this post. Once upon a time I thought that red lipstick was only for white women and that it could not possibly look good on my brown skin until one day I purchased MAC viva glam 1 and I said to myself ,”I’m dope.” Anyone that knows me knows that I am a LIPSTICK junky. I love wearing all shades nudes, black, pink, purple, AND RED. I find darker skinned women limit themselves when it comes to wearing bright lip colors because they feel that it clashes with their skin tone or makes them look like a SAMBO or something strange. Now don’t get me wrong I have stumbled across some colors that make me look crazy but it’s all the matter of finding the best shade of lipstick that best compliments your skin tone and undertones. We all have that one bright color that we wear every spring/summer season that we say ,”this color looks good on my skin” well newsflash lipstick is no different. This spring is all about bright and succulent tones purple, peach, red, turquoise, orange. Dare to do something different and step outside of your comfort zone it’s usually pretty boring in there. Here are my top five lipstick suggestions for this spring. Remember it’s doesn’t matter how you dress it as long as you DRESS IT WELL!

5. Mac Heroine (Matte) $16
Tip: looks great when paired with Mac night moth liner

4. Mac Fresh Brew (lustre) $16
Tip: for a natural look pair with Nars lip gloss orgasm 😉

3. Mac Pink Plaid (Matte) $16
Tip: before applying condition lips with lip primer

2. Mac Lady Danger (matte) $16
Tip: before applying condition lips with lip primer

1. Mac Viva Glam 1 (matte) $16
Tip: before applying condition lips with lip primer


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